Make it something you CRAVE!



I feel like I’ve turned a corner! A really big one! Everyone thinks personal trainers are addicted to exercise, and work out all freaking day! Yah? Not me! I have struggled as much as the next guy (or gal) with energy, desire, and every dumb excuse in the book.

Until a few weeks ago!!

It was amazing!

I have been dealing with a little extra stress in my life for a few weeks now, and that usually makes me a cranky mess, craving everything sweet and 5000 calories. But I’ve also been eating much more strictly for the last month and tracking my food every day. Oh and I have friends who see what I track. Ugh, how do you eat that 5000 calorie cupcake 3 times a day when the world is watching?


Ok, enough freaking out and back to my story. I’ve been pretty good with my nutrition lately but recently, I have also upped my exercise, and in the past, I would definitely have some days when I would have to force myself to workout. Not all of them, but just those few when I wake up tired or am just feeling blah. Especially when I’m stressed. Excuses would ensue, and junk food would be present!

A few Saturdays ago, I had a kind of stressful and frustrating morning. I went for a nice walk at the beach with my hubby, and figured that would be that, stress relief via the ocean. It wasn’t enough. I was just keyed up and had this strong urge to run. This was a new feeling for me. That intense desire to go push my body to the limit, and drip sweat while doing it, is not my usual. I work out and I work hard when I do, but it’s work. I love it and I enjoy it in the moment but I’ve never craved it.

I went for my run, and it was awesome! I ran a little faster and a little farther than normal. And my stress level went way down. It was great!

I woke up the next morning with the intention of working out with my daughter, right before my first client. We had a good 30 minute workout and then I trained my client. After I was done, I had that strong desire to run again! Craziness!

So I went for a run and loved it! My time wasn’t as good, and I didn’t run as far, but I still felt good.

And I’ve kept at it.

I feel like a million bucks! I’m so excited that I am feeling that craving, that desire. It is nice not have to fight myself to exercise, but instead to have my body and mind willing me to go do it!

A month ago, I started a plan to increase my fitness level and shed a few pounds along the way. I made the commitment to myself to workout regularly and often and with intensity. I think the reason I am finally feeling a craving to move is everything I’m doing is working. I’m feeling healthy. My body is injury free. And I have accountability. There are quite a few people who are seeing what I’m doing every day and that has been a huge motivator. I have found my reason, and I have found my motivation. And I have found a much more productive way to conquer stress!

If you are dealing with stress and need some stress relief that doesn’t include bingeing on sugar and potato chips, get out and move. Do some exercise. Then do some more, and find some accountability. I track my nutrition and my exercise with the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. And I have friends on there too. Use it and get some friends using it, and if you want, send me your username and I’ll be your friend on there too! Accountability and consistent effort can turn your workouts from work, into an awesome and calorie-free new craving!


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