Yikes! The Food Holidays are Here!


We are entering the 3 month stretch at the end of the year where all the holidays are centered around FOOD! And usually not very healthy foods either.

This is where things can get tough. IF you don’t have a PLAN!

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying some sweets and treats on occasion and because the next 3 big holidays are about a month apart, that helps with the most important factor in staying healthy and on track through the holidays : MODERATION.

I know all the stores started selling Christmas and Halloween candy in mid July, but you don’t have to eat it for months and months. I encourage you to avoid those aisles at the store until at least the week before the holiday, if not the day before, and then only buy the treats if you absolutely need to.

I live in a neighborhood where there are only a few children, so I don’t feel too bad turning my light out on Halloween, and not handing out candy. But if you feel like handing something out, look for non-candy solutions. One of my daughter’s favorite things when she was little were the cheap spider rings. She would dump out her candy bag and pull all the rings out and put them on all her fingers. She loved them for days after. Much more fun than a piece of candy or 15 that would give her a tummy ache. We would then take all the candy and right from the start decide how many pieces she could keep. The rest we would donate to the local dentist, who usually sent the candy to the troops overseas. That got the candy out of the house, but the kids still enjoyed a few treats. But in moderation, not every day for the next few weeks.

That’s the key. Enjoy it for the day or maybe 2, but then remove the temptation from your home and get back to a healthy eating lifestyle. If we have the candy and treats hanging around, we will eat them! Willpower can only get you so far when the candy is staring you in the face. So get rid of it! Don’t feel guilty about throwing it away either. Think about all the benefits as you dump it in the trash. No temptation, no increase in your sugar cravings, consistency with you goals, better teeth!

If you want a healthier food alternative to hand out to the neighborhood kids, try mini bags of microwave popcorn. My family loves these because they get their own bag and don’t have to share. You can also use a sharpie to draw ghost faces on individual string cheese and mandarin orange or applesauce cups.

Throwing a Halloween Party? Do it Healthy and in Style! Click below for some more fun and healthy Halloween ideas.

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