Why Do We Burpee?

Burpees seem to be everywhere these days. They are talked about on almost every fitness blog out there, and most people either love them or hate them. Or love to hate them! So why are they so popular? Because they do it all! Burpees are an intense, full-body exercise. With every rep broken down, these […]

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

In search of a smoothie to wake you up and keep you energized until lunchtime? Here’s a really yummy one, that my kids and I like to make. And it’s great after a workout too!   Don’t know what Kefir is? It’s a tart cultured milk that has 100’s of healthy bacteria that are good […]

Monday, Monday!

    “It’s a new dawn It’s a new day It’s a new life For me And I’m feeling good” – Nina Simone ‘Feeling Good’ How do you like your Mondays? Do you dread them coming back around, and wish them away once they get here? Do you grumble over your 5th cup of coffee […]

Yikes! The Food Holidays are Here!

We are entering the 3 month stretch at the end of the year where all the holidays are centered around FOOD! And usually not very healthy foods either. This is where things can get tough. IF you don’t have a PLAN! First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying some sweets and treats […]

Make it something you CRAVE!

  I feel like I’ve turned a corner! A really big one! Everyone thinks personal trainers are addicted to exercise, and work out all freaking day! Yah? Not me! I have struggled as much as the next guy (or gal) with energy, desire, and every dumb excuse in the book. Until a few weeks ago!! It […]

Just Start

  Some of you may have heard me say I’m not great at running. I never really have been. I ran hurdles in middles school briefly until I hit one with my foot and badly sprained my ankle. I was done! Ever since then I’ve started and stopped running a half-dozen times. The real problem: […]

It’s a Green Kind of Day

Have you ever had a Green Smoothie? They are all the rage right now. nearly every fitness magazine will have a few recipes, and most of the fitness blogs are singing their praises!

What makes them so special? For starters it’s the greens. How often do you actually eat green foods? Probably not as often as you should. I know I didn’t before adding Green Smoothies to my day. But they have a crazy amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help our bodies function optimally. So that’s probably pretty important right?


What exactly is motivation? I would define it loosely as the desire to do the things you want to do or know you should do, and doing them on a consistent basis. Desire. I think that’s the key. It all starts with desire. You have to want it! What do you want? Me? I want […]